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Portrait naif de marin embijouté

Retour en douceur avec une nouvelle image, la deuxième d’une série que j’aimerais longue. Croiserez-vous les doigts pour moi ? Here is a new drawing and maybe a new postcard; if the gods of stationery agree that is ; – )

Verre turquoise au zion canyon

Cinq ans après les avoir touchés, ces morceaux de verre vendus à la pesée me font encore rêver et m’évoquent en vrac mon songe américain, les mineurs de Blanche-Neige et les mines de Prydain. I’m no Glew (think Prydain and the Black Cauldron) but when I came across these enchanting glass rocks five years ago, I wanted to buy them all. I couldn’t afford carrying any but they’ve adorned the Realm of my imagination ever since : – )

Vente de verre en bord de route

Ah, Prydain!

The former giant was not disappointed, for soon the torchlight glinted on other gems half-buried in the ground or protruding from walls. Glew fell upon them instantly, scrabbling away with his pudgy fingers and popping the glittering crystals into his sack. With each new find he grew more exited, giggling and mumbling to himself.
The bard looked pityingly at him. “Well,” he sighed, “the little weasel has at last sniffed out something to profit himself. Much good it may do him once we’re above ground again. A handful of rocks! The only use I can see is if he throws them at the Cauldron-Born.”
But Glew, absorbed in gathering as many gems as quickly as he could, paid no heed to Flewddur’s remarks. In little time the former giant’s pouch was crammed with jewels of bright red and brilliant green, with gems clear as water or, in their glittering depths, flecked with gold and silver.
Taran’s thoughts were not on the abandoned riches of the mine, although the jewels seemed to grow more plentiful as the long column of warriors made their way farther into the tunnel.

(Lloyd ALEXANDER, The chronicles of Prydain – Book 5 – The High King)

Blocs de verre vendus à la pesée

L’Henrik du dessin aimant la verroterie, je lui et vous dédie ces joyaux croisés au hasard d’une vie et d’un imaginaire de vieille enfant. Thanks for visiting my blog, be careful on your way back : – )


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